Knife Care

How to care for your carbon steel knife

  • Carbon steels will rust if not cared for. To prevent this, oil the knife with olive oil if it is used regularly in the kitchen or with a gun oil or Museum / Renaissance wax when storing.

  • Wood handles usually benefit from a light coating of furniture wax or Museum or Renaissance wax and a good hand rubbing.

  • Long-term storage of a knife in a leather sheath can also cause rust. The chemicals used in tanning of leather can react with moisture in the air, leading to corroding of even stainless steels!

  • The weakest part of any knife is usually the tip, which happens to be the most abused part! Take care of the tip, and the rest of the blade will follow.

  • Do not wash your hand-made knife in a dishwasher, but rather by hand in warm soapy water; do not let it soak in the water. Dry immediately, don’t leave it to drain in the drying rack.

  • If rust spots appear, rub the blade with a metal polish like Brasso or a very fine (0000) steel wool, then oil or wax the blade.

  • Don’t confuse rust with a patina or stain that may appear on your knife after cutting something acidic. This is normal and adds to the character of your knife.

  • Carbon steel knives, axes and swords have been around for thousands of years, so with care, you can own a future antique!